Our Approach

Investment Criteria

Carousel Capital pursues investments in Southeastern-based companies that have:

Strong Management

A Strategic Market Position

Recession Resistance


years of experience + commitment


years of experience + commitment

Carousel Capital

Ideal Investment Characteristics

Platform investments headquartered in the Southeastern United States (add-on investments in any location)

Up to $250 million initial transaction value

EBITDA of at least $3 million

Three targeted sectors: business services, consumer services, and healthcare services

Carousel Capital
Carousel Capital


Since 2006, 85% of our investments have been in companies raising first-time institutional capital.

Southeastern Focused

The Southeast represents one of the largest economic engines in the world. On its own, its GDP is larger than that of many developed countries. Over Carousel Capital’s 25+ years in business, this economy’s importance to the US has only grown, producing a tremendous number of great service companies that are ideal for our partnership. As a firm, our presence in the region is more than a strategy, it is where we are from and spend our time. 

Our goal is to offer the most sophisticated private equity solutions found anywhere, with a local touch that only comes from our long history of investing in the Southeast.

Jason C. Schmidly, Managing Partner

Carousel Capital

What are Investment Criteria?

Carousel Capital

Ours are more than simple bullet points on a page.

Most groups use these commonly written phrases to define who they are in the eyes of investors and investment bankers. We use ours to define what we do and more importantly, what we have always done, specifically when working with successful business owners. Moreover, while our investment criteria phrases may sound common, we find they have uncommon depth from our competition when describing them to others, born from long-term experience honing exactly what they mean. 

We would love to share our story with you to see if it aligns with yours on a path to doing something great together.

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Data Collection/Management

General Outsourced Services

Industrial/Environmental Services

Insurance Services/Insurtech

Route-based Services

Software as a Service
Tech-Enabled Services

Dental Products And Services

Medical Data Management

Medical Distribution

Outsourced Hospital Services

Pharmacy Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Automotive Aftermarket Services

Franchised Consumer Services

Niche Packaging Solutions

Carousel Capital’s experience ranges across these industries, but we welcome opportunities outside of these specific categories with Southeastern-based businesses that align with our investment criteria.

Our Partnerships