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How do we know we are different? Because the most important people we serve tell us so.

From the beginning of their investment, Carousel was extremely supportive of our management team’s vision for the business. We forged a true partnership without which our very significant growth and successful results would not have been achieved.

Verl Purdy, Former Chairman and CEO, AGDATA, Former Portfolio Company

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Note: The above testimonial is provided by a current or former Carousel Capital portfolio company executive and reflects their own personal opinion and is provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Carousel Capital team and is not provided to solicit investors or to illustrate investment experience with Carousel Capital. The executive was not paid for their testimonial but receives compensation in other forms such as the making of personal investments in Carousel Capital funds, including certain funds at reduced fee rates. A potential conflict of interest exists because an executive is generally incentivized to make positive statements to maintain goodwill with Carousel Capital.

Carousel Capital

After more than 25 years in business, we think we have the model right:

Serve others first.
Do what you say.
And the rest takes care of itself.

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If we are going to ask you to share your history and results, then you should ask us to share ours.


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Collectively, after more than 25 years as a firm, we've seen over 200 years of business strategies and performance, and while we may not have seen it all, we've seen a lot. With our history of investments in companies along the enterprise value spectrum of $25 million up to exit values of $1.0 billion and more, we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss our track record of helping similarly situated business owners achieve their goals.

See why we think we are one of the most well-regarded Private Equity firms in the Southeastern U.S. by business owners.

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