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APEX Analytix

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APEX Analytix is a leading provider of audit, recovery and compliance technology and services to global Fortune 1000 companies.

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APEX Analytix

Fund IV

Location Greensboro, NC

Year of Investment 2014

CEO Steve Yurko

Status Exited 2020

Value Creation Initiatives

What did the business need?

In July 2014, Carousel partnered with management to recapitalize APEX and invest in management’s plan to transform and accelerate the growth of the Company’s software platform.

What outcomes did we achieve?

In August of 2020, Fund IV exited APEX via a continuation fund sponsored by Carousel entities, including Fund V. 

How did we create value?

  • Instituted a management equity incentive plan to allow key management members to participate in the value creation they drive
  • Recruited new CFO to support existing management team
  • Supported transition of software platform from perpetual license to SaaS model 
  • Invested heavily in technology platform and human capital infrastructure to support development and rapid growth of new software solutions