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Joe Hudson’s Collision Center

Consumer Services

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center is a leading provider of automotive collision repair services in the Southeastern United States.

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Joe Hudson’s Collision Center

Location Montgomery, AL

Year of Investment 2014

CEO Traweek Dickson

Status Exited 2019 (Partial)

Value Creation Initiatives

What did the business need?

In October 2014, Carousel Capital partnered with management to recapitalize Joe Hudson’s Collision Center to rationalize the Company’s shareholder base and arrange capital for management’s growth plan. Due to our extensive track record creating value in multi-unit service businesses and our specific experience in automotive aftermarket services, Carousel was an attractive partner for management. 

What outcomes did we achieve?

Partial exit through a recapitalization with TSG Consumer in September 2019, retaining a minority equity stake.


How did we create value?

  • Recruited a new CFO to support the existing management team
  • Implemented a new management operating and financial accounting system
  • Expanded customer relationships with leading automotive insurance companies
  • Achieved average same-store sales growth of ~5% since 2015
  • Leveraged Carousel’s track record in the industry to structure a financing ideal to drive value creation through investment and acquisitions
  • Instituted a management equity incentive plan to allow key management members to participate in the value creation they drive
  • Structured a transaction to allow the management owners to achieve substantial liquidity to allocate to other related and unrelated investment purposes
  • Developed an acquisition pipeline and executed numerous add-on acquisitions
  • Established Joe Hudson’s as an industry leading platform

Carousel Capital has been a true partner since we recapitalized our business in late 2014. The team at Carousel has not only provided the capital we needed to achieve our strategic growth plan but they have also provided strategic insight as we have expanded our location count and geographic footprint. It has been a great relationship that has produced tremendous results."

Traweek Dickson, CEO, Joe Hudson’s Collision Center