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AGData, MedData

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A leading provider of outsourced database management, marketing program administration, data collection and data analysis services to the agriculture/crop protection, animal health and healthcare industries.

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AGData, MedData

Fund III

Location Charlotte, NC

Year of Investment 2006

CEO Verl Purdy

Status Exited 2010

Value Creation Initiatives

What did the business need?

In February 2006, Carousel Capital directly structured a transaction to buy out a retiring co-founder, enabling the CEO to roll over his entire ownership stake. Carousel partnered with the CEO and AGDATA management to facilitate the company’s acquisition strategy and better leverage the company’s infrastructure and customer base.

What outcomes did we achieve?

  • Sold MedData to TransUnion in December 2009
  • Sold AGDATA to SFW Capital Partners in February 2010

How did we create value?

  • Hired CFO from former Carousel platform to bolster financial reporting and assist in evaluating acquisitions
  • Completed three strategic add-on acquisitions for MedData
  • Completed one strategic add-on acquisition for AGDATA
  • Added outside board members with industry expertise to aid strategic initiatives